Emollient 250 ml

Exclusive product for professionals

An ideal emollient for all skin types, cracked, fish scale, thick calluses and heavy calluses. Our emollient contains salicylic acid which helps to soften and work better on the feet.

How to apply:

Spray the Emollient on a cotton ball of the required size to soak it well. Apply the cotton to the area to be treated to soften calluses and calluses. Use a foot file or a pumice stone.


Main IngredientsBenefits / Properties



Found naturally in cherries, but also in all natural fats such as skin fats. We use it in its syrupy liquid form.




Salicylic acid


Used as a food preservative and antiseptic. It is now used for its soothing action (analgesic) and it is found in many dermatology products in addition to another active ingredient.


Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit oil 

Purifying, antiseptic, regenerating skin.


Cymbopogon Schoenanthus oil (Lemongrass essential oil)


Vasodilator (increases the caliber of vessels), improves blood circulation. Calming, anti-inflammatory, tissue tonic.


Format : 250 ml

This product is only available for professionals.