The Meticuleuses Bitter Almond & Cherry 15 ml

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Finally ! A cuticle oil that regenerates, softens and treats your cuticles! A balanced blend of equally effective oils with the addition of essential oils that will promote the health of your cuticles. Bitter Almond & Cherry, a very pleasant sweet-fruity smell!

How to apply:

Apply to the cuticles and massage to make it penetrate well. Can be applied as needed!

Main IngredientsBenefits / Properties

Safflower seed oil

Restructuring and restorative, it preserves the elasticity of the skin. Replenishing, nourishing, emollient, fluid and light, it penetrates easily into the skin.
Sunflower seed oilSunflower oil is often used by the cosmetics industry for its concentration of vitamin E. It is part of the inseparable trio “vitamins A, C, E” which traps free radicals.
Argan OilLike the skin, the nails are damaged, dry out and break with the cold, water, detergents, etc. Argan oil is full of highly moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerative properties.
Bitter almond essential oilPowdery and bewitching, it will perfume your compositions with grace and seduction.
Black cherry essential oilCherry essential oil is a natural oil with moisturizing and restructuring properties for the epidermis.

Size: 15 ml

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