B-Roll 10 ml Moment Zen

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The properties of the essential oils in this formula are known to influence your mood. Your state of mind will be more conducive to connections, as Ylang-ylang essential oil and Cinnamon oil are known to be aphrodisiacs. In addition, Ceylon Cinnamon has stimulating properties and Sweet Orange essential oil is relaxing and soothing.

Apply the B-Roll to your temples, back of the neck, elbow crease or other point on the body to feel the benefits of these products. Massage lightly to make the product penetrate.

With a dual function, the B-Roll can also be used for your massage sessions! This is one of the ideas that led us to create this B-Roll.

Ingredients: Sweet Orange essential oil, complete Ylang-ylang essential oil and Ceylon Cinnamon essential oil (Citrus sinensis (z.) oil, Cananga odorata (fl.) oil, Cinnamomum verum (b.) oil)

Not recommended for children 6 years and under, pregnant women or if you are taking hormonal medical treatment.

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