Berodin Starter Kit – LIQUIDATION

Exclusive product for professionals

Berodin Starter Kit

Meet and Explore Berodin. This deluxe intro kit is the perfect way to test Berodin in your waxing practice. Brush up on your skills with our Advanced Waxing Videos, then try out our bestselling formulas-including Berodin Black, Berodin Aqua, and Berodin Blue. Complete with waxing tools, this set provides all our must-haves.

This set includes:
• Berodin Black tin
• Berodin Aqua tin
• Berodin Blue pellets (500 gm)
• Jasmine Pre-Depilatory Oil
• Lavender Antiseptic Lotion
• Post Wax Soothing Cream
• Post Wax Essential Oil
• Blemish Control
• Wax Tin
• Large Plastic Spatula
• Non-Woven Strips
• Disposable Spatulas
• Access to our Advanced Waxing Techniques Videos

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