BioText Disinfecting towels (x 50)

Exclusive product for professionals

Wipes *New*. BioTEXT is the only clinical disinfectant specifically designed for use on delicate surfaces. It is proven to kill benchmark organisms on naugahyde, leather, vinyl and rubber surfaces. Ideal for tubing, fabrics, carpets, touch screens and soft plastic surfaces such as keyboards.

  • Biodegradable and absorbent
  • Strong non-woven material designed for use on irregular surfaces
  • Resealable package keeps product fresh

Why do I Need a Separate Product to disinfect Vinyl or Naughahyde®? These surfaces are irregular in contrast to counters and trays. High alcohol products may dry and crack the surfaces. These vinyl surfaces are treated with a hydrophobic, water repellent protective coating, unlike disinfectants that are diluted with water bead up and are thus ineffective. Most disinfectants are tested on glass or stainless steel non-porous surfaces. BioTEXT has been tested on Naughahyde® and Vinyl. They have irregular surfaces that are repellent in nature. BioTEXT is the ideal product to deal with such varied conditions.

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