Duo Sea Crystals 600 g and Relaxing Exfoliating Gel 200 ml – Lavender & Sweet mint or Cypress

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Offer a Duo for a soothing bath and silky soft skin!

SOLUTION Relaxation Marine Crystals (Lavender & Sweet Mint) are soaking salts that are suitable for all people who want a relaxing and luxurious bath. Our Crystals contain all the essential elements required for the proper functioning and health of the skin. They are also enriched with other elements which are easily absorbed by the skin during baths and they pass quickly through the body’s circulatory system.

This Exfoliating Gel is ideal for a gentle exfoliation thanks to crushed apricot kernels combined with pumice stone. The apricot shell is a 100% natural exfoliant made by grinding apricot kernels. When crushed, the stones give a beige-pink color. It will eliminate dead skin, activate microcirculation and cell renewal. The skin texture is tightened, the skin is soft. The purifying action of Lavender and the decongestant action of Cypress make it a sought-after product for heavy legs and swollen feet. It can also be used on the whole body thanks to its softness.

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