LUCENT VEIL Exceptional Bio Cellulose Mask with B-Glucan

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LUCENT VIEL is a mask made of bio cellulose fabric, with beta-glucan which is of superior quality. It absorbs an incomparable deep hydration and restores radiance to the skin. The bio cellulose fabric comes from microscopic coconut fibres. It allows you to be able to form and mold tight to the face.

Thanks to this mask, it effectively penetrates the serum during application on the skin.

Beta-glucan helps firm and at the same time reduce fine lines in the skin. High in antioxidants, this type of beta-glucan (from cauliflower mushrooms) accelerates and increases macrophage activity, which plays the anti-inflammatory role on cells damaged by external factors.

In addition, this combination of beta-glucan essence helps to increase the synthesis of collagen (the cells that contribute to the suppleness of the skin). We will be able to notice the change in the texture of the skin and a much more radiant face

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