UPDATE PODOLOGY THEORY ONLY TRAINING – 80 +48 hours – Beginning September 12th, 2022

Our goal is to train responsible, professional podologists who are passionate about foot care. Our mission is part of the desire to be able to provide quality training for all preventive and comfort care for the population which is affected by certain problematic physical conditions.

We work with seasoned trainers, who have many years of experience in the field.

We offer theoretical (80 hours) and practical training (48) in our private establishment. We work with high quality products and also offer all the instruments and / or accessories required to perform effective, safe foot care that prevents possible abnormalities.

Recognized by ANQ, APD and possibility to join LPAQ. Designation as teaching establishment for income tax credits.

Each training includes a very detailed theoretical part and a practical part which constitutes the “sinews of war” of podology. The practice is therefore longer in time than the theoretical part.

We offer training in small groups, with a maximum of six (6) students at a time. We believe that the learning is improved, the follow-up more effective and the students are more qualified afterwards to start their new careers. We implement all rigorous distancing standards at the time of training.


Académie Conceptuelle

 912 Montée Ste-Thérèse

Saint-Jérôme, QC J5L 2L1

514 267-0236