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Our story was born in Lac-Saint-Jean, inspired by the magnificent blueberry fields and the incredible properties of the berry. Appreciated by everyone for its absolutely delicious taste and for its antioxidant properties, the wild blueberry is full of several benefits for the health of our skin…

More specifically, our mission is to make accessible the unique benefits that wild blueberries have for the skin. We want to make everyone want to take care of themselves and allow them to have healthy and luminous skin with the help of effective products of natural origin.

“We serve people of all ages, all different and beautifully unique. Women and men who have the desire to take care of their skin using what nature has to offer them and using products that are not harmful to them and the planet. Happy, smiling, natural people, proud of themselves: Naturally radiant people. »

To do this, we only use the best to design our cosmetics: natural base ingredients such as fruit, plant and flower extracts, vegetable oils and natural fragrances.

And since nature is powerful, we also work with a chemist to develop these cosmetics formulated and manufactured in Quebec. We work hard to create cosmetics that are vegan, NOT tested on animals, free of PEGs, chemical fragrances, and other harmful ingredients.