The making

Our products respond to growing needs among the population. Our products are made here, in Quebec, by a company that manufactures aesthetic and cosmetic products for other well-known companies as well.

They are made from natural and pure ingredients or derived from natural ingredients. They are manufactured in a laboratory duly certified by Health Canada as “natural products manufacturer”, a long and complicated achievement.

We promote continuous improvement of our formulations so therefore we are trying to always be on the cutting edge of technology in terms of efficiency of our ingredients.

We are also very sensitive to the needs of our customers, as well as our consumers.

All ingredients and method of application are clearly marked on our pots and our tubes. We have received many testimonials from our customers have confirmed the effectiveness of our products.

We limited the packaging to a minimum, preferring to offer a quality product rather than a package which is attractive but overpriced, unnecessary and harmful to our environment. Our products are sealed, therefore safe. Our labels are bilingual, responding to the general population. Last but not least, our products are not tested on animals.

The main ingredients

All our products are made from natural ingredients of the highest quality or derived from natural ingredients. Some of our ingredients are even “organic” ingredients. An excellent reference on the net is Skin Deep. Une autre référence très appréciée est Another popular reference is Health Canada’s Critical Ingredient List and Prohibited Ingredient List.

We have eliminated all ingredients considered harmful to health such as:

a. Parabens
b. Toluene
c. Formaldehyde
d. Petroleum jelly
e. PEG (preservatives)
f. Phenoxyethanol (preservative)
g. Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone (also known as MIT and CMIT)
h. Disodium EDTA
i. Triclosan

We also chose not to incorporate urea, which is found in most foot products. Although moisturizing at concentrations of 5 to 10%, we regularly find products containing up to 40% urea.

According to Health Canada:“Urea (INCI: Urea) (57-13-6) Permitted for concentrations of 10% or less, the concentration of urea in cosmetics intended for dilution in bath water may exceed 10%.”

Essential oils

Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy, which is a form of alternative medicine. Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant’s scent and flavor, also called its “essence.” Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence.


Essential oils are obtained through distillation (via steam and/or water) or mechanical methods, such as cold pressing. Once the aromatic chemicals have been extracted, they are combined with a carrier oil to create a product that’s ready for use.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the most popular type of vinegar in the natural health community. It is claimed to lead to all sorts of benefits, many of which are supported by science. This includes weight loss, reduced cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels and improved symptoms of diabetes.


To get apple cidar vinegar, we expose crushed apples (or apple cider) to yeast, which ferment the sugars and turn them into alcohol. Organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar also contains “mother,” strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that give the product a murky appearance.

Dead Sea salt vs. Epsom salt: What’s the difference?

Epsom salt is not actually a salt (gasp!), which might explain why a single bath requires such a large amount. Epsom salt is actually a mineral found in water that contains high levels of magnesium and sulfate. These “salts” share a similar structure to table salt, which is where it earned its title as an unofficial salt. At the end of the day, Epsom salt is just a compound of magnesium bonded to sulfur and oxygen.


However, Dead Sea salt truly is salt. Dead Sea salt is 12 to 18 per cent sodium chloride, leaving tons of room in its composition for magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, zinc, and potassium. When salt is heated, it creates negatively charged ions which produce a negative charge; therefore, when these ions enter our body they attach to toxins and neutralize them. Hello, detox!